TEST-Mate 2014

Handheld adapter for testing of assembled PCBs

TEST-Mate consists of a series of test adapters for functional testing of assembled PCBs. The system approaches the tests of electronic systems in a complete innovative and easy accessible manner.
The ergonomic designed TEST-Mate includes 21 contact pins and ultimately compact measurement electronics. The central pin, including an ingenious ball system serves to block the TEST-Mate. The PCB to be tested should only have contact areas as well as holes for centring and blocking. Following the installation, the TEST-Mate will stay on the location without any further control. Moreover, each TEST-Mate is provided with several fixed pins which render exchange during installation impossible. Contacts are protected by means of a spring-mounted case. The Docking Station has room for three TEST-Mates, includes a power supply and has the possibility to initiate a self test.
Test-Mate offers, with the accompanying software My TEST, a new and powerful test tool in the electronics industry.

red dot award 2014

Statement of the jury:

"The eC-test-mate impresses with its innovative technology for measuring electrical currents. Colour coding and pleasing tactile qualities further improve its ease of use"