Gas content meter (GIM)

2000 Design plus award for de Gas content meter (GIM); the jury rapport

On the one hand, fascinating because of its innovative technology making it possible to measure the filling GIMGIMlevel of gas containers - without external connection - and, on the other hand, because of the clear, unemotional controls which, in the opinion of the jury, represented the "highest echelon of product design".

Gas Bottle Gauge

The GIM (Gas bottle gauge) is a product that can be used to gauge the contents of a gas bottle easily, safely and accurately. The gauging system (a mechatronic invention by RRo industrial design B.V. industrial design B.V.) was developed and patented in co-production. Extra attention has been paid to a clear, logical design so that usage is a natural result from its shape. The GIM received various awards because of its innovative gauging system and product innovation.