Single lever mixer tap Cascada

Reich GmbH, Eschenburg-Wissenbach

This bathroom sink fixture from the Cascada series stands out for its essential form and timeless modernity. The series owes its name not so much to the outer design as to the gentle flow of water that issues from the spout. This soft flow prevents the undesired squirting of water, providing a great convenience for the generally small-sized wash basins in mobile homes. Thanks to the consolidation of different functions, the fixture requires only half the number of parts of comparable fixtures, resulting in a light weight of 250 grammes and easy assembly. The wash basin fixture is available in metal or plastic. Both versions have a high-quality appeal, as the seam lines of the injection-moulded parts lie outside the visible area. Most components fit together through partly reversible snap and clip connectors, allowing for easy installation and recycling.