Single Lever Mixer VECTOR

caravaning design award: innovations for new mobility

Kitchen and Bathroom Tap

REICH GmbH, Germany

While creating the water tap series “VECTOR”, it was the aim of REICH GmbH to manufacture a modern product with classic features at the lowest possible costs for a better handling and, in particular, with a very low weight. This resulted in a tap that is characterised by a clearly structured design, an elegant appearance and well thought-out details. The spout features a continuous and slightly curved surface without being interrupted by edges or separation marks. This major shaping element is repeated in the lever design which, due to the resulting size and shape, offers much better handling properties compared to the usual water taps in caravans and motorhomes. A long and a short spout can be utilised so that a longer kitchen and a shorter bath version are possible. By using plastic as basic material, “VECTOR” is significantly lighter than conventional taps. This also contributes to fuel saving and thus to preserving valuable resources. Using different basic materials and surface finishes, a multitude of versions of varying optical appearance and haptic properties is possible.