TEST-Mate 2014

Handheld adapter for testing of assembled PCBs

TEST-Mate consists of a series of test adapters for functional testing of assembled PCBs. The system approaches the tests of electronic systems in a complete innovative and easy accessible manner.
The ergonomic designed TEST-Mate includes 21 contact pins and ultimately compact measurement electronics. The central pin, including an ingenious ball system serves to block the TEST-Mate. The PCB to be tested should only have contact areas as well as holes for centring and blocking. Following the installation, the TEST-Mate will stay on the location without any further control. Moreover, each TEST-Mate is provided with several fixed pins which render exchange during installation impossible. Contacts are protected by means of a spring-mounted case. The Docking Station has room for three TEST-Mates, includes a power supply and has the possibility to initiate a self test.
Test-Mate offers, with the accompanying software My TEST, a new and powerful test tool in the electronics industry.

red dot award 2014

Statement of the jury:

"The eC-test-mate impresses with its innovative technology for measuring electrical currents. Colour coding and pleasing tactile qualities further improve its ease of use"

Single Lever Mixer VECTOR

caravaning design award: innovations for new mobility

Kitchen and Bathroom Tap

REICH GmbH, Germany


While creating the water tap series “VECTOR”, it was the aim of REICH GmbH to manufacture a modern product with classic features at the lowest possible costs for a better handling and, in particular, with a very low weight. This resulted in a tap that is characterised by a clearly structured design, an elegant appearance and well thought-out details. The spout features a continuous and slightly curved surface without being interrupted by edges or separation marks. This major shaping element is repeated in the lever design which, due to the resulting size and shape, offers much better handling properties compared to the usual water taps in caravans and motorhomes. A long and a short spout can be utilised so that a longer kitchen and a shorter bath version are possible. By using plastic as basic material, “VECTOR” is significantly lighter than conventional taps. This also contributes to fuel saving and thus to preserving valuable resources. Using different basic materials and surface finishes, a multitude of versions of varying optical appearance and haptic properties is possible.

Single lever mixer tap Cascada

Reich GmbH, Eschenburg-Wissenbach


This bathroom sink fixture from the Cascada series stands out for its essential form and timeless modernity. The series owes its name not so much to the outer design as to the gentle flow of water that issues from the spout. This soft flow prevents the undesired squirting of water, providing a great convenience for the generally small-sized wash basins in mobile homes. Thanks to the consolidation of different functions, the fixture requires only half the number of parts of comparable fixtures, resulting in a light weight of 250 grammes and easy assembly. The wash basin fixture is available in metal or plastic. Both versions have a high-quality appeal, as the seam lines of the injection-moulded parts lie outside the visible area. Most components fit together through partly reversible snap and clip connectors, allowing for easy installation and recycling.

Underfloor power socket SWING, 2006


Caravaning Design Award 2006

Die Unterflur-Außensteckdose SWING führt beispielhaft vor Augen, dass gute Gestaltung gerade auch im Bereich der technischen Komponenten Innovationen hervorbringt. Das intelligent gestaltete Produkt wird nicht wie üblich in die Seitenwände des Caravans montiert, sondern nicht sichtbar an einer beliebigen Stelle des Fahrzeugbodens. Sämtliche Anschlüsse, die die Ästhetik der Seitenwände bisher in Form von Gittern oder Klappen beeinträchtigten, werden unter den Boden verlegt, wo die Steckdose bei Nichtgebrauch, oder auch mit eingestecktem Stecker, bequem und sicher nach oben weggeklappt werden kann.


From reddot.org:

Technical components like the SWING underfloor power socket by Reich GmbH from Eschenburg, were convincing with their intelligent and appealing design. Caravanning expert Adi Kemmer was particularly taken with this system: “The power socket is typical for this sector: it was developed out of practical experience, it upgrades the entire vehicle exterior by concealing components otherwise incorporated into the outer wall and it is extremely practical to use. It actually makes you wonder why no-one came with the idea before.“ Kemmer is convinced that the socket will catch on in no time.



e-control kombiniert erstmals die Funktionen eines Elektroversorgungs- und -steuerungssystems mit denen eines aktiven Kontroll- und Überwachungssystems. Bei der Gestaltung des Displays der Bedieneinheit wurde großer Wert auf eine angenehme und intuitive Benutzerführung gelegt. So kommt hier erstmalig ein grafisches Multifunktionsdisplay zum Einsatz. Die Bedienung erfolgt über einen einzigen großen Dreh- und Drücktaster. Durch an verschiedenen Orten im Reisemobil angebrachte „Docking Stations“ für die Bedieneinheit ist der Benutzer jederzeit über den Zustand seines Fahrzeuges informiert.

Caravaning Design Award 2004

Julia shower fitting

2001 Reddot for Julia shower fitting

The jury rapport:

Despite being made up of several components the Julia hand-held shower gives an impression of elegant unity with no sharp edges or gaps. The silicon rubber nozzle head is easy to keep free of limescale and available in various different colours; it also provides a good grip on the adjustment ring for switching from single to multiple water jet. Julia is made for the most part of plastic (ABS) which can be either chromium plated like brass or coated with a novel, environment-friendly and highly abrasion resistant, metallic look, super-thin paint. The plastic components are produced in an innovative 'mono-sandwich' injection moulding process. Its shape and dimensions make Julia well suited for use as retractable attachment for single-lever mixer taps in the kitchen.


Gas content meter (GIM)

2000 Design plus award for de Gas content meter (GIM); the jury rapport

On the one hand, fascinating because of its innovative technology making it possible to measure the filling GIMGIMlevel of gas containers - without external connection - and, on the other hand, because of the clear, unemotional controls which, in the opinion of the jury, represented the "highest echelon of product design".

Gas Bottle Gauge

The GIM (Gas bottle gauge) is a product that can be used to gauge the contents of a gas bottle easily, safely and accurately. The gauging system (a mechatronic invention by RRo industrial design B.V. industrial design B.V.) was developed and patented in co-production. Extra attention has been paid to a clear, logical design so that usage is a natural result from its shape. The GIM received various awards because of its innovative gauging system and product innovation.